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CRUELTY FREE PRODUCTS:Sustainable Leather Alternatives-Cork Fabric--Let's Explore the Possibilities

Updated: Nov 1, 2022


Lets explore this great eco earth friendly textile together and see what we can make.

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I have purchased a lot of cork fabric over the course of two years from various places. I have three favorites of course one of them is Amazon and the other two are here in the United States: &

All offer a variety of colors, patterns and yardage for your fabric stash. What can be made out of cork fabric? Cork can be used like cotton, denium, leather, faux leather, and so much more.

I will share with you some of the projects I have made that are pretty, durable, sustainable, easy to care for and most of all are eco-friendly/Cruelty FREE.

This cork fabric came from cork of the month club. (IF YOU PURCHASE FROM SALLIETOMATO.COM USE CODE MONARAE FOR A 10% DISCOUNT).

I belong to the cork of the month club. If you join they will send you 3 coordinating cork fabrics (12"x27") every month--shipping is included for around $35 a month. This is a great way to build your cork stash without breaking the bank.

This "what-not" case picture was made from cork of the month club. I was able to make 3 cases out of the 12"x27" piece. Finished size 5.5"x6.5". Perfect size to hold many items.

So, if you are making these items to sell or give away as gifts it is around $4 a case. These are easy to sew on a regular sewing machine. If you are in the market to purchase one I recommend going to sewingmachineplus --has a huge selection with free financing. Or Visit my blog on Favorite Equipment & Supplies.

These cork kiss lock coin purses were part of cork of the month club as well. Sallietomato also sends free patterns with their 3 choosen cork fabrics. I used their enclosed pattern. I modified it a bit to fit the kiss lock clasps.

I lined them with felt--not really needed but I did anyway.

The kiss clasp was hand sewn with heavy duty thread and strong eye needle. However, these were incrediably easy to make but most of all they are adorable.

Bigger Cork Projects: Purses

This Cherry Surface Cork was purchased from sallietomato. I tend to buy in bulk these days and and fabricfunhouse offer free shipping for orders >$200. Also sallietomato has wholesale pricing of a 50% discount to anyone with a EIN--just need to fill out their form.

This beautiful red purse was a custom order--easy to sew with my Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic 2 purchased from sewingmachinesplus

I love this sewing machine--which we will discuss in a later blog.

More projects made with cork leather

This fun cactus print came from It has a slickery feel to it, soft and supple. I love this this fabric. Most of cork has this feel to it. I havent found it anywhere else. I really like to make wallets and purses from their cork fabrics.

They also have free shipping for purchases >$200 and have a wholesale discount. This discount is lower than but worth the effort of filling out their form if planning on purchasing in bulk.


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Follow me for Sew Saturdays/Sundays--we will be making cork fabric items to sell or give away as presents.

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