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Seeknit Shirotake mini Crochet Hook - bamboo 7cm

Seeknit Shirotake mini Crochet Hook - bamboo 7cm

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Seeknit supplies high- quality needles, for which carefully selected bamboo from Japan is used. This bamboo is specially hardened and resilient, which ensures strong and durable needles. These Seeknit mini knitting needles are made of Shirotake bamboo and have a round stopper. The polished surface is soft to the touch and allows the yarn to glide easily over the needle. They are easy to use as a helper needle, but can also be used for decorative purposes or when photographing knitting projects. One pair of knitting needles is 6.5cm long.

General information applicable to all Shirotake and Koshitsu needles and needle sets

Both the Shirotake and Koshitsu needles are made with bamboo, but the finish is different. The surface of the Shirotake series has a smooth finish with natural plant wax, which gives the needles a beautiful shine. Further, they feel wonderful to the touch. On the other hand, the needles in the Koshitsu series undergo a high-pressure and heat treatment. The surface is then smoothed with natural plant wax. This special treatment ensures that the needles are extra strong and durable and protects them against harmful external influences. In addition, this prevents the wood from warping. The result is a comfortable and smooth knitting experience with needles that feel wonderfully warm to the touch.

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