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Succulent House Painted - Sky Blue

Succulent House Painted - Sky Blue

SKU: 900204

Mini Wood House for 3 Tier and or Farmhouse Decor/Wooden House

These adorable wooden houses were designed, created, handpainted, hand sanded, & decorated in our shop. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES.
Each mini home was meticulously designed, hand sanded & spraypainted with multiple coats to bring you a lovely item you can proudly display in your home or office--or give as a gift with confidence the receiver will love and appreciate your gift!!!

The succulent flowers are combination of paper & felt in beautiful colors to add that touch of southwest decor to your home. A small button as the door knob give a special touch to your mini home.

The roof and chimney are speparate pieces--they were cut, hand sanded, painted and applied with nails--will not fall off if tipped over. 

Including roof appx size 

6" wide by 5.75" tall--depth is 0.75"--ABLE TO STAND ALONE--FREE STANDING


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