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SEW NOW WHAT: How to Embelish a Table Runner or any Item by Adding an Applique no Sew Method

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Adding applique to any project is easy especially if using heatbond--it helps keep your fabric from fraying.

Two weeks ago we finished a table runner (Need a Refresher)--kinda--I wanted to embelish my table runner by adding some appliqued pumpkins . You can get an fall applique set here for FREE--I know it says buy but is really is FREE. I love heatbond to applique when I am needing to finish a project in a hurry or simply dont want to sew an applique stitch.

To get started is some coordinating fabric piece for your item, an iron, templates, & heatbond. --My favorite supplies listed here. I used the left over pieces from my Cake Bundle that I purchased at Knotted Thread. But you can use whatever you have on hand.


I am kinda stingy with these cake bundle pieces so I try to get as much as I can out of one square. So I scooted it up to a corner to same some for a next project or if I want another pumpkin to add later.

You can use any paper scissors for this project--dont use you fabric scissors on paper. I like to cut out my templates and then my heatbond slightly bigger than the template.

It doesn't need to be perfect.

Once you have your templates and heatbond cut out--you cut out your fabric around the template using your good fabric scissors. Remember cork shouldnt be pinned but is easy to cut around it--stays in place fairly well is holding it in place with your fingers.

Now to take the shinny side up against the wrong side of your fabric heatbond to the fabric. The iron should be hot. DO NOT iron just hold in place for appx 15 seconds. Let cool and check to see if it bonded. If not repeat the process until it sticks.

After you have heatbonded your pieces lay them out to see what arrangement you like best. Once you have selected your arrangement, peel off paper backing-heat press down to the fabric--again do not iron.

I did the second pumpkin different. I sewed a double top stitch along some lines of the template.

Yes I sewed on the paper on purpose. :)

Once sewn--carefully pull the paper off trying not to loosen the stitches.

I should have used a light-weight paper instead of the slightly heavier copier paper. It was somewhat difficult to remove and did loosen a few stitches--grrr--lessoned learned.

I still think it turned out ok--not perfect but ok. Good enough for my Thanks giving table.

You can add at many pumpkins, leaves, acorns or apples to your project that suites you taste. I may go back an add some more this week--I will repost if I do.

I still want to quilt it though. May try and stipple quilt it--not sure yet.

Follow me for more details.

Please leave me comments and or suggestions--LOVE to hear from you.

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