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Thread Game (Acufactum)

Thread Game (Acufactum)

SKU: 110804


There"s something going on between buttons, thread and sewing machine! Little elves create wonderful things in the sewing room and are completely engrossed in their thread game. Our hearts jump faster at these magical motifs from our favorite hobby. We can already see many pretty sewing projects made from this fabric.Color printed cotton fabric, motifs: Silke Leffler, repeat design: acufactum
145 cm wide
100% cotton, please note shrinkage
Fabric not included expose to the sun for a long time
Washable at 30 degrees, do not spin, 145gr/m

  • Acufactum

    We are very pleased to present you our own fabric collection in this category. With great attention to detail, we develop for you these beautiful fabrics with fine illustrations and graphic patterns.

    Our cotton fabrics are woven from 100% USA cotton, printed in color on one side and are at least 1.45 m wide. Weight is about 150 g/m. They all meet the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which is tested by independent OEKO-TEX institutes on the basis of a comprehensive OEKO-TEX criteria catalog. The testing for harmful substances of this standard guarantees the harmlessness of our cotton fabrics. They are intended for skin contact without hesitation. Our cotton fabrics are not extensively chemically pre-treated, are not pre-washed and have the character and strength of natural cotton.

    Our fabrics are produced by digital printing and require very gentle care, compared to woven fabrics or even fabrics produced by other printing methods. Therefore, please follow the gentle care instructions from us. We have deliberately chosen digital printing because it is the only way to transfer the illustrations with their loving, detailed depictions faithfully and photorealistically onto the cotton. The fabrics are wonderful for interior decorations of all kinds and especially beautiful for children's clothing. For outdoor decoration or curtains, our cotton fabrics are not suitable due to low light resistance. This is due to the special printing process.

    In order to enjoy our fabrics for a long time, we recommend you to wash them inside out to avoid color abrasion. Please wash at 30 degrees, preferably with a mild or color detergent. Our cotton fabrics can naturally shrink up to 5-7%. Therefore, we recommend washing our fabrics before sewing (especially in combination with other materials). In the dryer the fabrics can shrink additionally and this damages the print. A high spin cycle puts additional stress on the fabric and is not recommended by us. Especially with the fabrics with high color content, such as dark spots, visible creases may remain.

  • Fat Quarter

    18" x 22" 

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