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Have You Been Searching for an Easy #GrannySquareStitch to Make a Winter Scarf?

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Introduction: The #GrannySquareStitch is an easy to learn and allows you to use up some of your yarn stash or discover new colorways by using yarn minis.

Yarn minis come in smaller skeins (but not always cheaper than the larger skeins).

I like them because they usually come in packs or color schemes to help take out the decision process on what colors go with each other.

I dont like a huge stash of yarn--I like to move on to other colors and my yarn just sits in a closet until I end up giving it away. So the minis work well for me.

Gather Your Materials

1. The beauty of crocheting you really dont need a lot of materials to get started.

Eco-conscious merino wool & recycled nylon in a fingering mini set might be fun. Remember if using different weights adjust for the length. For instance, in a fingering weight you will need more chain stitches. I usually dont count the chains but go by a measurement of size I want the length of my scarf to be.

Now to dive into making a #GrannySqaureStitch Scarf


Beg beginning

ch chain(s)

ch 1 sp chain 1 space

dc double crochet

rep repeat

sl st slip stitch

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