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SEW NOW WHAT? Want to Keep Warm this Winter but Hate a Long Scarf? Let Sew a Sherpa Neck Scarf

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

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Sherpa has been an interesting fabric to work with because it sheds when you first cut it, it is thick, and stretchy. It took me a bit to trust the cut but I soon realized how forgiving this fabric is when finished.

What is Sherpa? This link has a great description.

Faux sheep skin--great alternative to animal fibers. It is easy to care for, keeps you warm, cuddly soft against your skin, and fun to wear.

Lately, I have been playing with sherpa fabrics and trying different items to make with this fabric. I am loving the neck scarves with the faux fur buttons.

I decided to double-side these neck scarves for extra softness and warmth. Lets get started.

Items you will need for one scarf:

  1. Sherpa fabric--1/2 yard (this will make two smaller size or one large size) I bought mine from JoAnns online. Online has a bigger selection of colors versus the JoAnns in my town. You can use coupons and it can be cheaper than visiting the store.

  2. Scissors, rotary cutter, cutting mat, ruler thread, sewing needle, (my favorite list here).

  3. Sewing machine with stretch stitch capabilities.



1. Place your fabric selvege to selvege.

2. Depending on how your person cut your piece of fabric you may need to cut some off one edge to align even with your cutting mat.

3. Measure 16 inches & cut. I place my ruler at the 16 inche line and use my rotary cutter. Blade will work better sharp (may need a fresh new blade).

4. Beware--there will be sherpa bits everywhere. You can take and shake it off outside if you prefer. My sewing room tends to get pretty messy--so, I just sweep often :)

5. Once you have your 16' X 60" you can simply cut in half and make two children size scarves which measures out to be 16' X 30" or you can cut it slightly longer for an adult--35" to 40" depending on how loose or tight you want the scarve to be. Remember this is double thickness so it takes up more space around your neck.

6. Take your cut piece and fold in half measuring 8" X 30" (35" to 40").

7. Next is to sew--I used the stretch zig zag stitch at the longest length to sew right sides together. You will sew around the three egdges leaving an opening about 4" to turn right side out.

8. Trim any excess especially at the selvege edges and corners.

9. Turn right side out.

10. Hand stitch opening closed.

11. Fold to look like this:

12. Cut an opening big enough for your Faux Fur Button to slip through easily--about 2.5" -3" long.

13. Hand sew around your cut edges to keep fabric from shedding.

14. Mark the center of your opening (I use a pin).

15. The Faux Fur Buttons I use have an elastic ring sewn into it. Hand sew the ring and sherpa fabric together at the your mark. Secure well so button will not come off.

Wha La you are done. These are incredibly easy to make and fairly inexpensive.

Please, Please leave me some feedback--I really need to hear your thoughts.

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