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SEW SATURDAY: Two Ways to Sew a Beautiful Fabric Lined Gift Basket Out of Cork Fabric (Leather).

Updated: Sep 29, 2022


This post contains affiliates including Amazon. If you make a purschase, I receive a small commission at no extra expense to you.

I purchased this lovely cork fabric this spring from with no idea what I was going to make. (If you purchase from use code MONARAE for 10% off.

I was going through my stash of cork fabric and immediately knew what I wanted to make with it--gift baskets & gift card holders. I made these this both baskets this morning with the intention of only sewing up one--the red one. But once I was done with the red one, I thought to myself "what about a removable liner" So once again, I went searching through my fabric stash and found this durable but soft Kaufman canvas from

Sallie Tomato has a large selection of fabrics including canvas, cotton, laminated cotton, faux leather, faux furs, sequin fabric and so much more. However, their canvas fabric is wonderful to sew with and takes a nice shape when finished.

What you will learn: How to make the cork basket with two different ways to make a fabric lining. What you will need:

  1. A sewing machine--if you are in the market for a sew machine sewingmachinesplus has a wonderful selection of different brand sewing machines including Brother, Janome, Singer, Husqvarna, Bernina, Pfaff--just to name a few. They offer financing with 0% interest for one year. That is how I purchased my Husqvarans--I now have 4 of them--but they all do different things including longarm quilting machine. Most machines will sew through cork fabric with no issues unless you sew through multiple layers--then it can be an issue. But for this project you should be fine with your machine.

  2. New sewing machine needle--always start with a new needle with every project especially with cork. You can use an 80 or a 90.

  3. Of course cork fabric. As I have mentioned in other blogs you can purchase cork fabric from various places including Amazon. I will post a previous blog link so you can have easy access to these places. Blog Also, I will include a video from on how to sew with cork fabric in case you missed this in my previous blogs.

  4. Any fabric you wish to use for your lining is fine. I used some Christmas fabric for one and the canvas fabric for the other--both of which I had on hand.

  5. Clips & Thread. (NO PINS FOR CORK FABRIC).


You can cut your fabric(s) any size you choose but I wanted a nice size gussett and not so tall of a basket. So I cut:

2--10" x 14" pieces of cork fabric and lining fabric for the RED basket.

2--10" x 14" pieces of fabric lining (exactly the same as the cork fabric.

Using a colored pencil mark two corners on the long edge of you fabric (14") with a square ruler--2.5" square

Sew a 1/2" seam one side of the 14" length of cork fabric and lining fabric using clips.

Open seam and sew on front side of fabric close to seam on both sides of seam to flatten edges down. Really keeps that seam looking sharp and clean.

Sew both sides.

Carefully cut out marked square.

Take sewn seams and align like the video.

Once aligned. Sew together going over ends and middle sections a couple of times to ensure seam stays together over the long haul.

Leave wrong side out. Sew the lining the exact same way except for leaving a four inch unsewn seam for turning.

One sewn turn lining inside out so when placing lining inside the cork piece--right sides will be together.

Sew top of cork and fabric lining together.

Carefully pull both pieces through the 4" place on side of lining. Once both pieces are through push corners out and straighten lining inside of cork basket.

Once lining has been pulled down and clipped at the top--top stitch a 1/4" all the way around.

The 4" place in the lining can be hand-sewn with matching thread.

Straighten and adjust lining to the inside of bag.

The canvas lining is simply placed inside the cork basket instead of sewing the top portions together.

There are some minor changes:

  1. Cut the lining: 14" x 14"

  2. Sew the bottom seam same as above with marked 2.5" corners.

  3. Sew both side seams with no opening.

  4. Cut out and sew corners for gusset the same as above.

  5. Press.

  6. Press a 1" seam along the top.

  7. Fold over fabric to press seam and sew 1/4".

  8. Fold over again to pressed seam and sew along the previous seam.

  9. Simply set lining down inside of cork basket.

Basket Finished Size: 8" long, 6.5" tall with 5" gussett--really nice size gift baskets.

Pictured above are the upcoming Luxury Candles and handmade Sparkle Journals.

If you have any questions or suggestions please leave me a message.

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