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SEW NOW WHAT? Looking for a Gorgeous Finished Edge using Sherpa to Make Scarves

Updated: Dec 17, 2022


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I fell in love with the look of this fabric from afar. I was standing at the fabric counter at JoAnn's with bolts (20) of fabric waiting and talking to the person cutting my one yard pieces. I turned around and saw these bold, bright, & beautiful plaid fabrics. I had never seen these before and couldnt wait to touch them. Oh my--so soft. I had no idea what I was going to do with them but I bought 2 yards of three different patterns & color ways.

I could not wait to do something with these three pieces--but they are thick and bulky and shed. I didnt want to turn the edges under--too much bulk. So, I thought I would try my serger.


You don't need much for this project: fabric, sharp pair of scissors, serger thread of your choice, serger machine & a leather button (optional) for the neck wrap.

Also, a sewing machine for creating a button hole. My list of favorite equipment & supplies.

This lovely fabric is 54 inches wide and I wanted to make a scarf 72 inches long since I bought 2 yards it will be perfect. You can make a shorter scarf or neck wrap--you would only have to purchase 1/4 of a yard. This fabric is pricey--I bought it on sale at 25.99 a yard--reg. price 34.99.

I found this vibrant orange thread to go with this tartan--this one is my favorite piece. This is the one that caught my eye at JoAnns. I bought the other two just because not everyone loves bright & bold colors. However, after working with all three--I could easily wear anyone of them. they are truly exceptional pieces.

Going back to serger cone thread--Mandala Crafts on Amazon carries about every color imaginable. They are good quality and thread doesnt break. I bought some black a while back and was using it for the black & red plaid and it kept breaking. So, I bought the black set for this project. Comes in a set of 4.

How to cut & sew this fabric:

This fabric is fairly easy to cut with a really sharp pair of scissors. I wanted the long scarf to be 6" wide--I dont like a really wide scarf. I cut the neck wrap at 8 inches wide x 30 inches long. It folds nicely. Picture below.

Take your time cutting--the scissors tend to get caught up in the sherpa if you go too fast.

Shake your piece off once cut to get all the loose bits--this will help when you are serging your piece.

Again, take your time when serging--may need pull slightly to help feed through but not too much--will stretch your piece out of shape.

There will be alot of sherpa bits. It will be ok. Just remember to clean out the parts with a brush when finished.

The finished edge is so neat and pretty--looks professional.

Once you are finished will all sides you are done if you are making the long scarf. If you are making the 8"x30" fold to make a triangled point

Mark for where you want your button hole--I like it up at the top. I love the look of leather buttons on my neck scarves but you can use any style or look you want. However, a shank style is easier for people to put it on and take it off--has some space between the fabric and button.

My machine has an automatic button holer but I still do an old-fashion zigzag.

You are done--itsn't this pretty.

I made three different kinds of buttons for this plaid--I just couldn't decide what looked best--PLEASE LEAVE ME YOUR OPINION--Brown leather button, Black leather button, or the antique copper metal button.

Out of all of them--this gorgeous colorful plaid is my favorite!

Leave me your thoughts!

If you decide you dont want to make one--I have them for sale.

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