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SEW SUNDAY: How to Make a Reversible Farm House Table Runner using a Layer Cake Bundle.

I know I said last week we would do Turkish wash clothes but I don't have 4 spools of white thread for my serger. grrrr. So, we will do this another time.

However, I do have something really fun and easy to do. Most of you know I do most of my shopping from Amazon since COVID. But, this last week I had a hair appointment. I arrived early and she was running late--so I visited this quaint shop next door called The Knotted Thread.

OH MY GOODNESS--The shop owner was there working on a new display. We visited awhile and found we had so much in common--we both work Amarillo College, our passion to teach, and our love for different fibers.

The moral of this blog--I miss talking to people and wanted to support our local women business owners. In the future--I am going to occassionally introduce our local businesses who are owned and operated by women who are making a difference in our community.

The Knotted Thread:

2817 Civic Circle, Amarillo TX

As I was browing this lovely shop filled with every kind of fiber you can think of, I found a gorgeous flannel layer cake set--I bought it not really knowing what I would do with it.

I really didn't want to make a quilt with it...

For those of you that don't know what a layer cake is...

It is a set of coordinating fabrics bundled and cut into 10" squares. I forgot how fun these were to play with.

I decided to make a few items out of his set of lovely fabrics: Reversible Autumn/Winter Table Runner, Matching Placemats, Crazy Quilted Pumpkins, and some Applique pieces (pumpkins, leaves, etc).

This blog contains affliates including Amazon. If you purchase an item, I may receive a small commission at no extra expense to you.

For today, we will make an Autumn/Winter Table Runner. Over the course of time, I will add the other projects--so keep an eye open for those add ons.


  1. Layer cake set--you can find these at any of your local fabric shops or Amazon has this exact same set if your local shop doesnt have something you want or this set. (You can use any fabrics you have on hand) however, sometimes it is simply easier to have pre-cut sets that are coordinated.

  2. See Previous Blog for list of some of my favorite equipment & supplies but for this project you will need: sewing machine, matching thread, quilt batting, walking foot (optional), rotary cutter, self-healing mat, ruler, scissors. Quilt Batting. (I have precut 100% cotton 10'"x90" if you dont want to buy a yard or more--$6.87 includes shipping--see below for ordering information).

Play with your color arrangement to see what you like best--I selected the more autumn colors together for one side and the gray colors for the winter side. That way I have a runner for two seasons.

This project works up really fast--sew together how many you want your runner to be (this is your runner for your table so you get to make it however long you would like that fits your table). I sewed nine together for one side and nine together for the other side.

Trim off excess edges with your rotary blade & ruler. Cutting off edges so they are even makes sewing them together so much easier we sewing the two sections together. Press seams open or to one side (same side all the way down). The other side press the opposite direction.

Once you have sewn together both sides--cut a piece of quilt batting the width and length of your runner. This needs to be pretty close to perfect--just makes life easier when sewing all you pieces together.

This blog contains affliates including Amazon. If you purchase an item, I may receive a small commission at no extra expense to you.

Place your runner pieces wrong sides together--place batting piece on top. I like 100% cotton batting. Align at the seams using pins or clips to keep in place. If you dont want to buy a yard or more--you can purchase from me--I have pieces precut 10"x90"

A walking foot really helps when sewing these pieces together--performs a nice even stitch without putting stress on your fabric.

Sew all 4 sides but leave an 6" opening for turning.

Reach your hand into the opening--working small sections at a time--pull through the opening. Push out those corners so they are nice and sharp.

Iron. Pay special attention to your 6" opening--tuck it in to align with sewn section--press. Hand sew opening closed.

Top Stitch around the entire runner. I love using this top stitch--it does a double stitch--really looks nice.

You can add your applique pieces anytime you like--I will post mine at a later date and share my results with you. You can find how to applique in this post.

Also, below I added the autumn applique set--free download. IT SAYS BUY NOW BUT THERE IS NO PRICE ATTACHED--IT TRULY IS FREE.



These sharp snipping scissors fell off my sewing table and stabbed me--grrr. I hate to wear shoes because I love the feel of my foot pedal when I am sewing.


I didnt realize how hard it is to show a finished table runner until I was posting this...but here is a couple of videos taken of both sides of the runner.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this project and any future projects you would like to do together.

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