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Switching Gears and Going Back to Basics:SewSaturdays--a New Project every Week --Today Cork Case

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As I have mentioned in previous posts--I love, love cork fabric. Today I will show you how to select, cut, sew, & finish a cork case--I will walk you through the entire process.

ITEMS YOU WILL NEED: sewing machine, 90/14 needle, thread, cork fabric, clips, rotary cutter, ruler, self healing mat. Optional--leather glue & paint.

For this project any sewing machine in good working condition will be fine. But if you are in the market for a new machine has a huge selection with interest free financing for a year. I have used this company for my last 2 machines.

Or you can purchase one at Amazon they carry a wide variety: Singer, (great for beginners, with 4.5 star rating), Singer Heavy Duty for a little bit more. If interested in another popular brand Brother is a known name brand. I own both a brother serger and two older singers--great machines. However, there are so many great machines out there--Phaff, Husqvarna, Janome, Juki --all these can be purchased through Amazon or sewingmachine plus.

If you are lucky enough to have some dealers in your town go test a few out.

There are pros & cons for buying one through a dealer--price is higher because they get a commission--thats the con. The pros: you get to test (drive) before you buy, sometimes they offer free cleaning service & you usually get great customer service.

You have the machine. For best results a 90/14 needle works best. I can use a universal needle in my machines but some brands specify or want you to use their brand. Check before you buy--should be in your owner's manual but you can also check on their website. Sewingmachineplus carries a large supply of sewing notions for most machines. Note--have a supply of needles: they get bent, break or get dull.

Selecting the Cork for your Project

Now to get to cork fabric. For this project you can select any kind of cork and you need a small piece 4"x 6". has free shipping $200--same as (if you purchase from use code MONARAE for a 10% discount).

There are differences in thickness, texture, and look. So select one that speaks to you. I love the bright colors but there is such a huge selection too choose so I usually buy several pieces to save on shipping.

However, if you have Amazon Prime it is free shipping on most all your purchases. Quite Frankly, I would and did purchase my first cork fabrics from Amazon. You don't have to buy in bulk and get a large variety of cork fabrics. Most cork fabrics sold on Amazon are 9"x13" with in a variety group of 8 or more ranging from $10-$15. I really like this style--so I bought them today. Also available is floral prints, solid colors, or can be purchased by the yard.

Thread, rotary cutter, clips and more...

I recommend a good quality thread cotton like Sulky and I love a vareigated thread to give a little depth in my stitching (one of my favorites). Or you can purchase a set in a case. I have purchased mine overtime and had to buy a case. So, I wonder in the long run the set it the better way to go--let me know if you buy one and you like it. I may still purchase one.

This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

All of these were purchase through Amazon:

Self-Healing Mat, Fiskers Ruler with set RotaryCutter, Rotary Blade Replacements, Clips (100 clips come in the tin--I love tins to hold stuff, so this was a BONUS), Sulky Thread, Thread Organizer--keeps end of thread neatly tucked away--I cant stand loose ends of thread getting tangled so I purchased a few hunderd of these life saving gadgets. Comes in bulk of 100.


I think I will use this adorable peacock print cork fabric from (use code MONARAE) for your discount).

Using your rotary cutter, self-healing mat & Ruler measure and cut out a piece of cork fabric 4"x6". Cork will cut easily with a sharp blade.

There are two ways to measure your fabric--one use the ruler for your measurements--I do this with small projects or use your mat as a guide--for larger projects.

I cut mine to 6.5" and then cut off the bottom .5"

See picture below--note you can use scissors but it will not give you the clean cut look of a rotary blade.

There a couple of ways to measure and fold your top seam.

  1. mark with a pencil or pen on the back side of your fabric down 1 inch and fold to that mark--then using your clips--clip it down. Do both ends. 2. I eyeball it and fold it down--clip it. What ever way you feel comfortable.

Now we are ready to sew. Take your cut piece to your machine. Wind your bobbin and load your machine with thread. If your machine is new to you or you havent sewn in awhile--get out the owners manual or look how to operate online via google search.

Change needle to 90/14 and you may need a teflon foot is fabric doesnt glide easily but more cork fabrics work with regular metal sewing foot. We will be only using a straight stitch with stitch length 3. If you have a double stitch capability on your machine--I love that one for topstitching fabrics especially cork.

Once you have both ends topstitched--fold in half--wrong sides together making sure the sewn edge is level with each other. Once the top is aligned--clip along the sides--then sew.

Tip: back stitch the beginning and end to ensure your case is securly held together. I sew really close to the egde 1/8. Cork doesnt fray so you dont need to sew with seams on the inside. I only sew the top down because I think it looks and holds up better.

Wha la--you have a Vegan Approved, Eco-Friendly, Credit Card/Business Card Case Holder--Easy Peasy.

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